Tuesday, July 13, 2010

$12 drop leaf table

I was in heaven when I saw this at the local goodwill store! I found it in the rear of the store...it had no tag on it...I scurried to the register to get the lady to come look at it...and to give me a price. It was $12.99! I was so excited and wanted to pick it up and walk it to the front MYSELF! But the lady told me "No, I'll get a guy to load it up for you in the back. Just drive around." I couldn't wait to get it home! So here it is! It was an ugly dark wood stain. After some sanding and painting it's black and only need one more stage of development. More sanding of the edges. But here's the before and after the paint...BLACK! It definitely was the deal of the day! I love it!

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